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Helping your business is our main goal. We are continuously improving our infrastructure so you can have the absolute best hosting for your ventures. We strive to be your partners, not only service providers.

VPS Servers


Processor: up to 4,0 GHz

Memory: 1024 MB DDR3

Disk: 100GB

Bandwidth: 5 TB

Price: $199

1 Servers Available

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Standard +

Processor: up to 4,5 GHz

Memory: 2048 MB DDR3

Disk: 250GB

Bandwidth: 10 TB

Price: $239

4 Servers Available

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Processor: up to 4,5 GHz

Memory: 4096 MB DDR3

Disk: 500GB

Bandwidth: 30 TB

Price: $279

6 Servers Available

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Dedicated Servers


Processor: Intel Core

Memory: 4GB DDR3

Storage: 1x500 GB

BandWidth: 5 TB

Price: $249

3 Servers Available

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Standard +

Processor: Intel Xeon

Memory: 8GB DDR3

Storage: 1x1000 GB

BandWidth: 10 TB

Price: $269

2 Servers Available

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Processor: Intel Xeon

Memory: 16GB DDR3

Disk: 1x1000GB

BandWidth: 30 TB

Price: $439

5 Servers Available

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Our Benefits


More than 60 corporate companies - our happy customers

Support 24/7

Rain or Cold? No Problem, we work 24/7! Contact with us, if you have questions!

Core Features

Up to 8 IP's we give to our client, who purchase dedicated serves


  • John Morey

    I am a developer of video games, I need stability and speed, all of which I found to I have long kept an eye on the provider of their choice I do not regret! Your personal rate "A"!

  • David Oleszek

    My company specializes in medical equipment. Our software is located on the servers of the company.I never had the need to go to another provider. Thank you for support and stability.

  • Rebecca Dilans

    Very Good Support, thank you very much for all what you do. Fast resolving all issues and minimal amount of the questions. I'm happy work with you guys!

  • Stepan Goloshtan

    Use products of the company last 2 years, 5 star support, several times helped our developers and programmers resolve issues with a dedicated server. I and programmers of our company is very pleased to cooperate with